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Management BluePrints

MBP has managed, designed, built and expanded 25+ commercial properties comprising 1,000,000+ sq. ft. and developed 600,000+ sq. ft. in the southeast United States.

Specialized and unique knowledge and skill is offered in Site Selection & Construction, Operations/Management and Marketing & Design. We have distinctive, extensive expertise in off-site management with remote access, kiosk interfaces and appointment based operations, although most of our current stores are full function Class A properties.

A full complement of operational solutions including Online Payments & Reservations, Centralized Mailing & Auction Procedures, Full Accounting and Payroll Services In-House, Optimized and Fully Search Engine Optimized
(SEO) Website, Online Live Reporting and Specialized Security with Off-site Monitoring Experience is offered.

MBP has been heavily involved with the Self Storage and other industries on a National and Regional Level for over 10 years. We have worked with State Associations to bring Education and Value to Thousands of Business Owners Across the Country and have been directly involved with the passing of several State Laws that improved the landscape for businesses.

MBP has consistently improved many state and regional associations and groups through improving value and bringing modern services into the organization to the benefit of its members. We have been a recurring featured speaker on the National Self Storage Convention circuit covering innovative business techniques and processes.

Management BluePrints has been consistently at the cutting edge of technology integration into businesses with a specific goal of simplifying and automating the mundane functions to allow you to focus on the bottom line needs of your business.

We have applied their skills and experience to a wide variety of industries, both for profit and non-profit, to make things better for their clients. MBP provides pro-bono services each and every year to over 10 non-profit service organizations around the southeast and has helped them raise funds through services provided back to the community. We have worked together to create relationships that ensure that all parties are made better for the long term.

Who Hires a Management Company?

  • Those who Recently Acquired a Property
  • People New to their Industry
  • Those Looking to Retire or Free Up Time for Other Ventures
  • Owners that Can’t be Onsite, Those Living Out of State
  • Business Partners or Financial Lenders

Industry Expertise

  • Self Storage
  • Commercial Lease Space
  • General Retail
  • Other Such Companies:
  • Moving & Trucking, Day Care, Quick Service Food Franchises, Retail Gaming and Many Others!

Levels of Service/Management

  • Full Service Property Management – All Functions of the Business are Covered
  • or Accounting and Audit Oversight – We watch the particulars so you can manage your business
  • Consulting Services – Hourly or Project Basis
  • Branding of Marketing Efforts and Customer Contacts
  • Owner and Employee Benefit and Compensation Programs
  • Our Levels of Service Flexible and Customizable for Your Needs