DO NOT CALL any company locations for updates or to notify about a submission. EMAIL ONLY.

This is general employment portal. We have staffing needs in several industries: Self Storage, Commercial Real Estate Management, Apartments and Multi-Family Property Management along with several other sectors.

If you are able to work outside of the state that you currently live in, please indicate that information in your Introduction Email. Also, please indicate the minimum pay range that you are able to accept and any other requirements that you may have that will assist us in matching your skills and needs to our current and future open positions.

Management BluePrints, LLC has a strong Customer First philosophy. We train new staff in an ongoing and supportive manner to assure they have been empowered to help our customers solve their needs quickly and simply. We help managers grow in their experience, knowledge and understanding of the job until they are ready to take over operations for themselves! We at Management BluePrints believe that the process of developing and enhancing skills should occur at all levels of your career. We pride ourselves on this philosophy and on the great success that our entire team has seen since its adoption, in 2004. As a part of this philosophy, we have a very progressive compensation system that is directly related to a manager’s daily work contribution and the direct effect this has on the day to day operation of the store.

We believe that our blend of on-the-job instruction, one-on-one coaching, and computer-based learning opportunities act to support our entire team and our over-riding goal for higher efficiency and an easier, more enjoyable day-to-day work experience for everyone. Supervisors and managers are actively involved in this process and are evaluated on their ability to improve knowledge-level and skill across our team ensuring success for one and all.

The information on this website offers only a brief overview of the benefit plans available to Management BluePrints team members. A description of the benefit provisions, conditions and limitations is available to our employees.

Job Requirements:

The successful candidate will have a minimum of 1-3 years’ experience in the retail, sales or leasing industry. Excellent customer service and team building skills a must.

Management BluePrints, LLC is a diversified property management company that focuses on owning and operating self storage and commercial real estate as well as third-party management. We have offices throughout the Southeast.

Salary commensurate with experience. We also offer Paid Vacation/Personal time. As a Customer Service Representative you will perform various duties including:

  1. Arrive on time, motivated and ready to work! 
  2. Provide outstanding service to our customers primarily on the telephone and occasionally in person.
  3. Process New Customer Move-Ins, Payments, Truck Rentals and handle Customer Service needs.
  4. Prepare rental contracts and invoices for customers.
  5. Work with basic numbers, ledgers and rental amounts to confirm normal totals for customer accounts.
  6. Manage the store and location and property to keep them in a clean condition.
  7. Manage but not perform maintenance work at properties.
  8. Ability to maintain good housekeeping practices in the work area and comply with all safety rules and procedures.
  9. Clean and inspect storage spaces. Use of a broom, common household cleaners and pesticides is required.
  10. Position requires a valid driver’s license and a good driving record to operate a motor vehicle to allow for personal transport to the office.
  11. Reliable transportation is a requirement of employment.
  12. Regularly travel to locations near your main office to perform property checks and inventories. Mileage from these trips is reimbursed.

Position requires a valid driver’s license and a good driving record to operate a motor vehicle. Ability to maintain good housekeeping practices in the work area and comply with all safety rules and procedures.

Hours Needed: (These hours may change based on business needs)
Mon through Friday – 9am to 6pm
Sat – 9am to 4pm  Sunday By Appointment Only

After your information has been received and reviewed, you will be contacted when we begin scheduling interviews for a specific need. You are welcome to contact us to determine the status of your submission, but please keep the tone and frequency of these inquiries professional.

Please use this form to send Management BluePrints an Introduction Email. This is the first step in our hiring process. Upon completing the form below, you should instantly receive an email that will allow you to attach and submit your full resume. Please check for this and submit your resume as soon as possible. PDF or scanned versions of resumes will not be accepted. MS Word format is required.

Basic Computer Skills that are required to perform this job include:

  • Modern Smart Phone – Make and receive calls, SMS and emails, check SMS and emails while on a phone call, make and receive video calls, take and send images, notate and correct images, take and send screenshots and other normal use functions.
  • Internet – Using the internet to browse and research. Tabs and multiple browsers.
    • Understand menu bars, tabs on different internet browsers, difference between internet browsers, how to connect to the internet on a wireless network
    • Know where the web address bar is located, what a URL is and where to type it
    • Operate the print function
    • Recognize icons (sound, internet, video, etc.)
    • Understand how to search, assess search results, and download information from the internet
  • Email – Using text to correspond with other users through the internet using an email application or browser
    • Write, modify, and edit text using an email application
    • Know how to forward and cc emails
    • Word Processing when sending emails
    • Create, save and delete documents
  • Typing – The process of writing or inputting text, typically using a keyboard
  • Mouse/Touchscreen – Navigating a two-dimensional surface with a pointer, using a standalone mouse, touchpad, or touchscreen
  • Website Databases – Storing numbers and data in a central location
  • Operating Systems – The critical, low-level software that supports all other applications
    • Understand operating systems
  • Hardware – The physical elements of technology, including keyboards, cases, cables, screens, and touchpads. The ability to navigate a security camera control system.
    • Identify the basic components of a computer (keyboard, mouse, screen, etc.)
    • Understand how to use flash drives and memory card

DO NOT CALL any company locations for updates or to notify about a submission. EMAIL ONLY.

Employment Interest - Please complete this form and paste your cover letter and/or your resume into the correct section below. You will be sent an email immediately after submission that you will need to reply to, with your resume attached in MS Word format, in order to be considered. This process is an intentionally easy and simple assessment.
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Background checks are required. Nothing in my background or on my criminal background check would prevent me from working in an office setting and around cash, valuables, valuable information or other items needing to be secured.
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