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Management BluePrints

Management BluePrints has managed, designed, built and expanded 75+ commercial properties with a strong focus on Self Storage and comprising over 6,750,000 sq. ft. located across the country from California to Illinois to Florida; primarily focused in the southeast United States.

Specialized and unique knowledge and skill is offered in Site Selection & Construction, Operations/Management and Marketing & Design. We have distinctive, extensive expertise in off-site management with remote access, kiosk interfaces and appointment based operations, although most of our current stores are full function Class A properties.

A full complement of operational solutions including Online Payments & Reservations, Centralized Mailing & Auction Procedures, Full Accounting and Payroll Services In-House, Optimized and Fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Website, Online Live Reporting and Specialized Security with Off-site Monitoring Experience is offered.

MBP has been heavily involved with the Self Storage and other industries on a National and Regional Level for over 10 years. We have worked with State Associations to bring Education and Value to Thousands of Business Owners Across the Country and have been directly involved with the passing of several State Laws that improved the landscape for businesses.

MBP has consistently improved many state and regional associations and groups through improving value and bringing modern services into the organization to the benefit of its members. We have been a recurring featured speaker on the National Self Storage Convention circuit covering innovative business techniques and processes.

Management BluePrints has been consistently at the cutting edge of technology integration into businesses with a specific goal of simplifying and automating the mundane functions to allow you to focus on the bottom line needs of your business.

We have applied their skills and experience to a wide variety of industries, both for profit and non-profit, to make things better for their clients. MBP provides pro-bono services each and every year to over 10 non-profit service organizations around the southeast and has helped them raise funds through services provided back to the community. We have worked together to create relationships that ensure that all parties are made better for the long term.

We’re available from your first interest, through the concept & industry research, finding the options from land to existing locations, negotiations, closings, business planning all the way through daily operational support.

Creating an accounting system from scratch is one of the most challenging tasks and we make it easy. Our years of experience create the needed checks and balances between operations and the books.

Fashioning a marketing strategy that is actually generates revenue in a traceable way is our primary focus. Spending capital should be done with a fully conceived plan and a way to verify that plans effectiveness.

We design your project with the important details in mind that make the business more profitable. We have been innovating for over a decade in ways to adjust the small details to generate the best outcome!

We offer turn-key solutions that make the process stress-free and comprehensive. We are onsite to make sure things go to plan, we check the details and solve the problems so you can enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

We treat the property as an asset to be made better and more efficient every day. We incentivize staff to find ways to improve customer service, innovate to stand out in the crowded market, reduce delinquency, increase returns, and cut costs.

MercuryHub is our custom and proprietary communications hub that brings together all of our customer communications traffic in one location. 2 Way Text Messages (SMS), Inbound and outbound call routing, emails, web forms, digital marketing communications, customer needs follow up and routing, document server and delinquency processing it does it all! We’ve even integrated time clock, payroll processing and staff tracking directly into our operations!

Our custom and proprietary MercuryHub To Do Module allows our clients to automate most of the routine management tasks, track the work from start to finish, archive information from each property down to each HVAC unit, keep an up to the minute list of outstanding projects and tasks, assign staff and manage recurring maintenance with almost no effort.

All of this is done without the typical up front or monthly expense that most cloud based software comes with. Call us today for a full demo!

Fully Comprehensive Feasibility Studies complete with Proformas, building layouts, a proposed unit mix, demographic studies, competition analysis, etc. all the way to basic market reviews with general analysis. We tailor our services to your needs – we make the right fit.

Producing a financing package can be a very stressful process; our years of experience help us to tailor your package to answer questions & communicate the value of the project to your banker. Our networking base allows us to find a lender that is suited to your needs & work with the parties as a team.

We have brands in place that can be leveraged to provide all of the marketing materials and needed support at a fraction of the cost experienced by single site operators.

Expansion is our business. Custom designs that increase the value of your asset is our primary goal!

We are operations experts with hundreds of solutions that can be personalized to your needs. We strive to make the complicated and difficult seem simple and stress-free. Avoiding a problem before it exists will always be the best way to have a successful, stable and valuable business for years to come!

We understand what makes your business strive. We’re able to translate that knowledge into actionable steps from concept to reality or from problem to solution to success!

Who Hires a Management Company?

  • Those who Recently Acquired a Property
  • People New to their Industry
  • Those Looking to Retire or Free Up Time for Other Ventures
  • Owners that Can’t be Onsite, Those Living Out of State
  • Business Partners or Financial Lenders

Industry Expertise

  • Self Storage
  • Commercial Lease Space
  • General Retail
  • Other Such Companies:
  • Moving & Trucking, Day Care, Quick Service Food Franchises, Retail Gaming and Many Others!

Levels of Service/Management

  • Full Service Property Management – All Functions of the Business are Covered
  • or Accounting and Audit Oversight – We watch the particulars so you can manage your business
  • Consulting Services – Hourly or Project Basis
  • Branding of Marketing Efforts and Customer Contacts
  • Owner and Employee Benefit and Compensation Programs
  • Our Levels of Service Flexible and Customizable for Your Needs

Bookkeeping, Profit & Loss Statements, Segregated Depreciation Specific to Self Storage, Payroll, Accounts Payable and AP Systems, Daily-Monthly-Quarterly Audits and Theft Prevention and Detection

  • Daily Management Onsite costs are determine by the size of the property and the specific needs of property. These services can range from $500 per month to several thousand.
  • Offsite, Satellite or Remote Management Options costs are very affordable and are determine by the size of the property and the specific needs
    of property.
  • Consulting Services are tailored to the property and the owner. The initial consult can determine long term needs and develop an Action Plan. Initial Meetings start at $500 for several hours of work. Action Plans and other efforts are custom to the situation and are priced on the budget requirements of the client.
  • Comparative Profit & Loss Statements – Monthly, Quarterly and Annually – Additional Financial Analysis Optional
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • All Filing for Sales & Payroll Taxes – 941’s, etc.
  • Accounts Payable – Up to 25 vendors
  • NSF Check Handling – Up to 5 per month, court costs additional
  • Payroll Processing – up to 3 employees = Starting at $75
  • Daily & Monthly Auditing & Report Processing by Experienced & Qualified Self Storage Administrative Staff = Starting at $22 per operational day & $175 per month

To offer a “Stress Free & Turn Key” management solution to experienced and new storage owners.

J. E. Wallace III, President
Management BluePrints, LLC
2245-C Ashley Crossing Dr. Suite 310
Charleston, SC 29414
Primary 855.552.5837
eFax 843.432.3233

What Our Clients Think

What is Included with Full Service/Management?

Operations Consulting Services

We’ve worked with Hundreds of experienced storage professionals all over the country and we shaped staffers with great potential into Highly Effective and Reliable Managers. Let us do the same for you!

Property Development Services

We offer fully custom and integrated marketing tools that not only help to convert people needing your services to paying customer but also help retain those customers and simplify your daily business process!

Management & Training – Owners and/or Managers Services

  • Full Onsite Management and/or Remote Management for Locations without Office Space or Daily Audit Oversight for your staff or Quarterly to Annual Inspections and Audits to find areas for Improvement or Potential Areas of Concern
  • Staffing, HR Management, Employee Benefits
  • Accounting, Reporting, Budgeting
  • Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Merchandising
  • Economy of Scales
  • Audits, Training, Inspections
  • Expansions, Building Maintenance, Improvements, Enhancements
  • Technology and Implementations
  • Collections and Auction Activities, Revenue Management and Rate Adjustments, Specials and Discount Programs, Long Term Marketing Planning
  • Online Marketing, Social Media Presence, Local Search Programs, Search Engine Marketing, Website, Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce
  • Property Tax Evaluations and Large Expense Reduction Programs – Solar, Net Metering, Energy Efficiency Initiatives
  • Bill Pay, Deposit Audit and Tracking, Expense Monitoring and Reviews
  • Consulting Services, Brokerage, Acquisitions, Divestments, Long Range Financial Planning, CMBS, SBA, Construction, Bridge and use of other Financial Instruments
  • Lien Sale Oversight
  • Other Services as Needed

Ready to Select a Management Company?

Questions to Ask

  • How many properties do you currently manage?
  • How many are owned? Is a preference given to owned properties?
  • How many staff members and field supervisors are on payroll?
  • How many sites does each area manager oversee?
  • How often can I expect my site to be visited?
  • How is employee turn over in your company (corporate, site, etc.)?
  • Do you meet all state licensing requirements?
  • Can I speak to past owners that you no longer manage for?
  • What are your key result areas that are tracked and monitored?
  • Have you or your field supervisors ever managed a facility?
  • What kind of training programs do you have?
  • What kind of marketing programs do you have?
  • Who is authorized to sign checks on the account?

Factors to Consider

  • Geographic Location of Management Company and Regions covered
  • Performance Record on New Builds, Distressed Properties,
  • Turn Arounds and Existing Quality Locations
  • Visit Locations Currently Under Their Management
  • Check Out References
  • Review Format for Monthly Reports/Financials you will Receive
  • Are They Owner Operators as well as property Managers?

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